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Kack's Poos

by Renee M. Kachenmeister, RVT, Owner of Kack's Dog Grooming


Testimonials from some of our puppy families

Black with white markings

Hi Renee,

I wanted to send you some pictures of Susan living her very demanding life of naps and walks. She's been a wonderful addition to our little family and is very sweet and clever. She's mostly house trained at this point, and tends to follow us around the house when she isn't busy jockeying for a better spot on the couch. She loves everyone and wants to lick everyone's face-- after all, it would be rude to not say hello.

Thank you so much for checking in and seeing how she's doing. We'll try to send you more pictures in the future.

Phil and Monica

Blue Merle Aussiepoo pup

Nala is wonderful completely house broken,  Smart but clumsy, and loves everyone around her.  She likes to talk to us in the morning it's hysterical, still working on keeping her from jumping on people. She also doesn't touch Cleo's food which we were worried about since Cleo snacks through the day.  She does shed, not a lot but more then a little bit.  Oh she also thinks she is a lap dog at times and jumps right up on you.


Black & White Bi-color Aussiepoo pup

Rico is a gorgeous boy! Very smart and very very playful. He loves everybody he meets and loves to give kisses and "hugs" like his daddy. 

Dark cream maltepoo with apricot pts

Lattè is doing great! She enjoys her sisters and exploring the back yard. Here is a pic of her during her first ride on our pontoon and another during our putting at the park. We love her soo much!

Jan Teal

Silver maltepoo (born black/white)

Hi Renee:

Here is a recent picture of Scoop. She is doing really well. Was a rough few months w the biting (puppy nips), but we has a trainer come a few times and it really helped. She is not totally house trained yet, but almost I think. She is very loving and loves to be around people and my moms puppy who is the same age.

Lauren Bloom

Rare brindle maltepoo


Toby is doing very well! He is so much fun and very smart. I look forward to visiting your site and seeing his picture. We are just so in love with him!! He has been a wonderful addition to our family. My husband has taught him to sit, stay, shake with both paws, lay down, roll over, play dead and jump through a hoop.

We are hoping to get some formal training soon and to work on heel and come during that. He is so much fun and so lovable with all of us.

Thank you so much for a wonderful puppy!



Red merle Aussiepoo (very dark)

"He is everything I had hoped for and more! Both my wife and son are SEVERELY allergic to dogs and have never even had the sniffles being around him. He doesn't shed at all and he has the perfect coat type with a nice wave to it but not curly. I didn't realize how lucky we were until I recently went to a friend's house and saw all the hair on their furniture from their golden retriever mix! He had two weeks of puppy boot camp before coming home and was completely house-trained within 4 days with no accidents since! He has trained very easily, we are just working on a few things like staying near me when off-leash. He is very laid back and friendly to everyone. People stop to look at him and compliment him everywhere we go!

Steve Forrester


Silver Maltepoo

Hi Renee! Things are going great! We named him Norton. He is the star of his dog obedience class and been to the vets twice for his checkups and rabies shot. My vet said he was a healthy happy pup. He weighed 6 lbs yesterday. My daughter is training him to go potty outside using the bell technique which is going well. He is so smart. My 3 cats still rule this roost though, they don't put up with any of his antics! OMG! He is so good! Super cute, extra friendly and healthy! I'm picking him up at the groomer now. They just love him!! He is getting fixed next month... and getting ready for his summer vacation on Martha's vineyard!!! If you find yourself delivering a puppy to the Boston area in June, July, August, or September totally hit me up, it's beautiful there then!!Also we would be happy to give you a reference if any prospective puppy families are looking for one! He really has been a great addition, such a happy puppy!

Heather Wilson

Light cream Maltepoo

Renee! I keep meaning to update you but it just is so busy around here now! Our little pup is named Westley and he is just the cutest! I took him for a little walk today and he just made me fall in love all over again! He's doing good with our cats, Midnight and him are well on their way to being best friends. And he had a visit from his first a puppy friend today. Went to the vet and all the shots are good, can't remember if I have to send you something or if it's just after he's neutered. He is the most amazing guy and so smart. We've posted lots of pictures on my facebook profile but I also suggested you add him as a friend, I got bored today and made him a facebook profile for himself. Not all of his pictures are tagged yet but it can help you keep in touch! Feel free to use any of them that you like, since Jeff is a photographer, I'm not sure if it's his photography skills or just how darn adorable Westley is, but he's got lots of good ones and way more to come.

Valerie Gregor

Red merle Aussiepoo ~ 3 months old

Hi Renee!

Sorry for the late reply, it's been hectic here! Topper is doing wonderful. We always get so many compliments on her coloring and look. More often than not, people have not heard of this breed! She is so great with kids and is in love with my 1 year old niece:). We have taken her back to the vet and had her checked for the [coccicia] and it was negative. She has really started getting very playful these past two weeks. She loves frisbee and tug of war. We are SO happy to have her and she is the perfect addition. Thank you again! If you have any questions please let me know!!


Chelsea Mills


University of Evansville 

Chocolate Aussiepoo ~ 6 months old

Hi Renee,

I figured I would send along a holiday themed photo update of chocolate runt female #1 from Chloe's litter - or better known as Mia. She is doing well and closing in on 20 lbs! (I know, still small comparatively)

Anyway, Happy Holidays!



Red merle & Black/white Aussiepoos

Hey Renee

Thought you like to see a pic of the boys at four and a bit months. They are still growing fast and full of mischief. This shot was taken after their bath yesterday. As you will note we changed our minds and called the nearly Tank which is what you guys had nicknamed him. It suits:) Hope you are well.

Robert Niven

Light Cream Maltepoo

Hi Renee,

I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference little Tico Bella has made in my life.  Since bringing her home I’ve been accused of treating her just like a human being.  I’ve had a “meet & greet”, a “puppy shower”, and an over-the-top 1st birthday party for my little princess.  Needless to say, she is VERY spoiled (shouldn’t she be?)  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to decide to get a puppy.  She is definitely the life of the party and the light of my life!

Rosemary Smith

Pontiac MI

Cream Maltepoo

Our Maltepoo, Leo, is such a wonderful addition to our family! He is great with the kids, and especially fun with our Great Dane Izzy. Leo and Izzy have become constant playmates and provide us with hours of entertainment, as they run around together and play fight over their toys. Leo also loves to play with any other dog that comes around. We were a little concerned about getting a small dog, but he is a tough little guy, and loves to run and play with the big dogs. Once he is tired out, he loves to cuddle with the kids or anyone else who will have him. He is friendly to any person he meets and gets lots of attention due to his fun and loving personality. Leo is also very smart and picks up on training very quickly. He loves his treats for being a good boy. He also gets really excited when he knows he is going for a walk or a car ride. We just love him and enjoy him so much! Thank you!

Annette Throne

Red merle Aussiepoo pup 

Zeus is full of personality and has a loving spirit!  People always comment on how beautiful he is on our walks.  As you can see he is healthy and growing in leaps and bounds....literally.  We recommend Kackspoos to people on a regular basis - we appreciate your responsiveness once we came home and had a few questions.  Thank you for you thoroughness and dedication to breeding these great pups!

Beth Collins


Rare dark apricot maltepoo

She is doing really good!... She is the absolute friendliest dog, not afraid of anything. Everyone thinks shes the cutest, I've given so many people your website. Her fur is really long and it's been looking like a red/apricot. I love her white spots I hope they stay! She's just over 3 pounds (16 weeks), so she will be the smallest (of the three), but she is a really good eater. Her and Ted are best friends she follows him around all day and does everything he does. Sammy still thinks she's a pest haha, hopefully that changes. She is such a fast runner really athletic. We named her Molly. Here are some pictures I will try and get some better ones for you. 

Christie Larken 

Light cream maltepoo pup 

Hi Renee,


Maximus is doing great!!  He is such a good little puppy and is developing quite a personality.  He loves being with the kids and has such a wonderful temperament.  We are still working on house training but know that this will take some time.  We are scheduled for obedience classes once he gets all his shots which will be completed soon.  I will forward you some pictures of our little cutie from my phone.


Thanks for checking up on him!

Ann Drew

Black maltepoo

Here are 2 pictures of our dog Scout.  He was from a litter born December 4, 2011.

One picture is of Scout at 2-3 months... the other picture is of Scout this December at 1 year....

... he's so sweet & friendly!  We're very happy with our little guy & thought we'd send a picture update of him.


Kelly & Matt McNees


Red merle Aussiepoo

Hi Renee,

Here are the most recent pics of Finn (today). He is such a sweetie! We traveled to Madison, Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, and he came along. He travelled well, and was very well-behaved. Finn is completely house-trained, and has all his basic commands down. He loves to run, and thankfully there is a great wooded park near our house. Sometimes he kind of loses control of himself because he runs so fast. Last week, for instance, he was outside and collided with the house! He was quite upset (so were we), hurt his left front shoulder, and spent a couple of hours on the couch with my daughter, very still and whimpering. Vet said nothing was broken or dislocated, so now we are just trying to have him be a little less active for a couple of weeks to let it heal. 

Anyway, he's a fantastic pup, and we can't imagine life without him.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
Carol Steele

Dark apricot Maltepoo

Hi Renee,

Happy New Year!

Honestly, I had been planning to write you soon to let you know that Gozo had his neuter surgery on the 23rd.  He is recovering very quickly, but is missing playing with his puppy buddies in the neighborhood.  

He is quite the hit with all of his neighbors, both humans and dogs!  I often comment that he doesn’t go out for walks so much as he does to greet his adoring public ;)  Most comment that he looks like a living stuffed animal!  He has grown so much!  He is up to about 10 lbs now.  His house training is going well with accidents becoming more rare.  He has mastered sit and down, but we are still working on other skills that require more concentration.

I’ve attached a few of photos from the past month or so (to include a before and after with his favorite pig toys to give perspective on just how much he has grown!).

Hope all is going well with you.



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Our smallest puppy ever at 6 lbs!


Currently Olive is sleeping my lap while I am typing this email, she is such a sweetheart. Olive is also gorgeous and we get comments about her all the time when we walk. Olive is the only dog we will ever have, it is not possible for me to love a dog as much as I love Olive, she is perfect! Olive has a fun loving personality and loves to play. She is also tough and will walk as far as I go without any complaints. She follows me around the house and wants to be in the same rooms as me. She is not a big fan of warm temperatures but does not seem to mind the cold and runs through the snow with ease. She helps me shovel the driveway in the winter.

I want to thank you for sending Olive to us. I refer to her as my daughter and I treat her as such, she is so amazing. I will have Emily send pictures as she has taken about a million of them. Thank you so much for the pictures and if you get a photo of Zack, please send along.


Ross Silver

Came back for a third maltepoo after this! Also our largest pup at 15.5 lbs!

Hi Renee,

We adopted two maltipoos from you a few years ago and would really like to adopt one more, they are such sweet dogs. I see that you have some being born in march from Sophie that would be a brown color and we are interested in being put on the list for one of those if available(we have a cream and apricot). Please let us know, thanks!... 

Teddy has such a cute personality, he is definitely my baby he follows me everywhere very easygoing, playful, and really smart! He was really easy to train and learn commands. He has a ton of energy, loves going for walks and playing fetch. I saw on the website that Olive was your smallest maltipoo and wanted to mention that Sammy our cream maltipoo, who came from the same litter as her is 15 1/2 pounds! He is not at all overweight he is just big, lol
Christie and Charlie Larkin

White maltepoo pup

Hi Renee!
It has been entirely too long since I've written, although, I've thought of you numerous times over these last couple years!  A lot has changed since we first purchased, Lucy.  I actually resigned from my job in August 2010 and am homeschooling my girls.  So, Lucy gets loads of attention!  :)  She really is such a sweet dog who enjoys people and wants to be where the action is!  One of my favorite little habits of hers is that she likes to burrow under the pillows on the couch to nap.  And if she isn't underneath them, she's laying on top of them.  Such a cutie!  It has been two years since we had family pictures taken, so today we had my brother in law come over to take some pictures in our back yard.  Lucy was out watching, so we decided to have her join us for one of them.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it! 
I hope all is well with your family and that you have a blessed Christmas season!
Julie Kurfis


Cream Maltipoo puppies

Hi Renee,

  Just wanted to let you know that Rosie and Baxter are doing very well.  Each has had his vet check and come through with flying colors.  Rosie was 2 lbs. yesterday and Baxter was 2.6 on Monday.  Everyone who sees them thinks they are exceptional…of course we knew that!   So far they are sleeping through the night. In fact, the first night I woke up twice to check to see if she was ok.  What’s wrong with that picture?  She is sleeping and I am up. They have had play times each day and run and wrestle until they flop down because they are too tired to continue.  They are very active and very curious.  Put them down on the grass and they take off like a flash.  I didn’t expect that.  But they are learning to come when called and that helps.

  Hope all is well with you.




One of Lily's gorgeous cream puppies - Now a happy member of the Hamen family in Temperance, Michigan

Rare tri-color maltepoos

Now happy members of the Amos family in Maryland - the one on the left could almost have been considered a phantom... but not quite...and the one on the left was almost a sable... but not quite!

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