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Kack's Poos

by Renee M. Kachenmeister, RVT, Owner of Kack's Dog Grooming

The waiting list: How it works

Potential families wishing to obtain a Kack's Poo must be assigned to our Waiting List when there is not a specific puppy available to them immediately. To gain access to our waiting list each family must complete the puppy application at the bottom of this page and place a $100.00 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy. Your deposit is our assurance that you are sincere about owning a Kack's Poo, and enables us to determine when any breeding should take place. Deposits may be paid in cash, Zelle (PREFERRED), check or money order made out to Renee Kachenmeister, credit card, or via Paypal. Credit cards and Paypal are charged an additional 5% convenience fee. This covers the fees that they charge me for processing. Our preferred method is Zelle and funds are sent using the mobile number (419) 283-7230.

Families are placed on the waiting list in the order of the date deposits are received and the list kept public knowledge on the website. When the puppies are three (3) weeks of age, the selection process will begin if it hasn't already. The only exception is our poodle litters in which selection will not be made until six (6) weeks of age as many are going to potential competition or breeding homes and require further evaluation to determine placement. You will be contacted via E-mail  or telephone to allow you the opportunity to visit the website to view photos and litter information. Many families choose to make their decision on a puppy within a few days after birth. This is allowed and encouraged, however it must still follow the chronological order of the waiting list. When the selection cycle begins you will have 48 hours to respond with your decision. If I do not get a response within 48 hours, I will move on to the next family on the list. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with changes in your contact information. When a family refuses a selection, the next family on the list will be offered the opportunity to choose from the remaining puppies. This will continue until all puppies in the litter are placed in new homes. If a waiting family shows interest in a particular set of puppies, the remaining puppies of no interest may be chosen by the next person(s) on the list. As puppies are chosen, those families are removed from the waiting list, and everyone below them moves up to the next highest position on the list. If any puppies are not placed with any of the families on the waiting list, those puppies will be offered openly to the general public. Once you pass on a litter, you will have to wait for the next litter. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold a puppy. If you are on the waiting list and have paid your $100 waiting list deposit, you should be prepared to pay the additional $400 puppy deposit when you select your puppy to secure your selection. The remaining balance is due in CASH OR ZELLE ONLY upon receipt of your puppy. This is due to the high number of fraudulent individuals out there that come up with new scams every day.  Personal delivery is available to anywhere in the United States for a fee. Shipping is done only as a last resort and is done via Delta Airlines ONLY.  I have many people that request littermates or come back for a second puppy, therefore a second puppy purchased going to the same household will be discounted by $250. Breeder reserves the right to withhold any puppy not yet reserved for the purpose of evaluating for our breeding program or for transactions with other breeders or competitors at any time or from any litter. In other words - breeder has first pick from each litter and may or may not choose to take advantage of that pick option.

Puppies are released at eight (8) weeks of age unless other circumstances exist. In all cases, puppies may not be picked up prior to seven (7) weeks of age and must be picked up prior to nine (9) weeks of age unless arrangements have been made for puppy boot camp (paid training). The time that they are ready to go to their new home will be determined by each individual puppy. Puppies will not be released for pick up until verification has been received that the recommended food and supplements have been ordered. Details and ordering information can be found on the Your New Pup page of our website. Each puppy goes home with a new puppy folder containing a Breeder Examination Health Certificate with all veterinary records, Puppy Contract including spay/neuter agreement, a copy of our FULL 2-YEAR and LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEES*, Registration Application, 3 Generation Certificate of Pedigree, and other helpful puppy information. All puppies are well-socialized with my adult dogs and my two young children from birth. They are raised in a warm, loving home environment with lots of attention (ok, they are just plain spoiled rotten!!!). 

The cost for all  MALTEPOO puppies varies by color only, not by sex, as we require all of our Maltepoo puppies to be spayed or neutered prior to reaching 1 year of age. Our cream, light apricot, black, silver, phantom, sable, and parti colors are $1850. Our dark apricot, red, and merle puppies are priced higher at $2000 due to demand.

The cost for all POODLE puppies varies by litter, bloodline, and registration type and will be listed. Pricing ranges $1850 - $4000.   

As was previously stated, deposits are non-refundable; however, your WAITING LIST deposit will remain valid until the day you choose a Kack's Poo or notify us that you choose to be removed from the waiting list. We also reserve the right to remove someone from the waiting list due to lack of contact (not responding to calls/emails regarding an available puppy). If we have attempted to contact a waiting family three times with no response within a 7 day period, we may choose to move that family to the bottom of the waiting list for future litters or remove them from the list entirely. If removed from the list due to lack of contact, your deposit will be forfeited. Before placing a waiting list deposit with us, please be certain that you are willing to wait for your special puppy. If you pass on a litter and any terms or prices should change, you the original terms that were in effect at the time of your application will be honored for 1 additional litter offering. If you pass on more than 2 litter offerings, any current terms or pricing will apply. We make every attempt to keep the website up to date with expected litter/breeding information. We do our best to fulfill the requests of our waiting families, but, genetics being what they are, we cannot predict which coat, sex, or eye color will result from any breeding, nor can we guarantee that a breeding to a specific female will be successful. Also, on rare occasion we may decide a puppy from one of our litters is a candidate for competition and/or breeding by us or another experienced professional. When this happens, those puppies may be removed from the selection list at any time if not already reserved. Because there are so many variations within our breed, you may have to wait for another litter before you get that special puppy. Once you have placed a deposit on a specific puppy, that is YOUR puppy, and that deposit will not be refunded for any reason unless we are unable to provide that puppy to you due to unforeseen circumstances. Puppy selection deposits are NOT transferable unless we are unable to provide that puppy to you as described above.

Factors Affecting the Waiting List

We receive numerous requests on the size of our waiting list, or the approximate time it may take for a family to receive a puppy from us. The size of the list is not always a factor in the selection process. Families may pass on a puppy that is exactly what another family desires. Because of this, we cannot predict when a puppy will be available.

To put this in a little better perspective, we have had as many as 22 families on the waiting list. Many of the families passed on the puppies and the family that was number 17 selected a puppy. Why did so many pass? The reasons are endless.

Here are a few:

  • "We're not ready for a puppy at this time."
  • "We are moving into a new home and will not have time for a puppy."
  • "We like the puppies, but it's not what we're looking for."
  • "We really want a puppy with different colored eyes."
  • "Great puppies, but the one we like is not the right sex."
  • "We're pregnant now, and don't think we should get a puppy at this time."
  • "We haven't had time to put up a fence."
  • "I've changed jobs and will not have time for a puppy."
  • "We have older dogs and are waiting for the natural attrition before acquiring a puppy."
  • "We will be traveling this year and will have to wait on a puppy."
  • "We will wait for a pup with two different colored eyes."

All of these are valid reasons and must be accepted. I cannot force anyone to take a puppy that they will not be happy with, and I cannot predict what anyone will do at selection time.

Even when the list was only 10 families waiting, the family that was number 10 received the puppy he wanted. In a more recent litter, a puppy was refused by 13 families. When the puppy was offered to the public, I was asked why the puppy wasn't chosen. I would explain the reasons, and some of those potential families would walk away because 13 others refused the puppy. When a family came and looked at the puppy, they couldn't believe so many had passed, but the puppy was what they wanted. -------And------The breeding plans were set in motion---again.

Breeding plans are just that; plans! We do the planning, but the bitch makes the decision. We plan the heat cycle event, but the bitch will always make us wait. Then, when the breeding takes place, it's a waiting period to see if the breeding was successful. Just because two dogs bred is no guarantee that the breeding was successful. After waiting 30 days, we can usually determine if the breeding is successful. It takes 63 days from breeding to whelping. Then it takes another few weeks of observation and testing puppies at critical stages to ensure hearing, sight, and health. When we feel the pups are within the guidelines of progression, we offer them to our waiting families.

Methods of payment

METHODS OF PAYMENT for deposit and full payment for optional services include cash, ZELLE, check or money order, Western Union, MoneyGram, MasterCard/Visa, and PayPal. There is a convenience fee of 5% that will be added for PayPal and credit cards to cover their fees they charge for processing the payment. Final payment is due at the time of pickup or delivery and must be made by cash or ZELLE only. Please make all payments payable to Renee Kachenmeister. Zelle payments are made to the mobile number (419) 283-7230. 

Shipping and personal delivery by the breeder options are available!


If you are unable to make the round-trip flight to pick up your puppy, we will personally fly the puppy to you. With this option, the puppy flies in the cabin of the plane at our feet for the duration of the flight. We will make all flight arrangements. There is a $275.00 charge for ALL puppies and there are no exceptions. This fee covers the airline pet charge of $125 along with $150 towards our personal cost (off work, child care, animal care while we are gone), parking fee at the airport, and our trip to and from Raleigh Durham Airport RDU. Aside from the $275.00 charge noted previously, you will pay actual flight charges. The only exception is in the very rare instance that a return flight is not available same day, in which hotel fees would be incurred. Please note that all airlines charge an in-cabin pet fee in addition to the cost of the flight. That amount is INCLUDED IN OUR FEE. We do not inflate or add on to the actual flight costs. We fly DELTA and AMERICAN airlines. We use our own personal soft-sided carrier that will return home with us. THE TOTAL DELIVERY COST TO MOST MAJOR AIRPORTS AVERAGES $400 - $500 

To me, there is too much chance in any puppy transport other than someone who is emotionally invested into the puppy. The new puppy family, or myself are the only acceptable options.  The puppy is in or out of a crate depending on their comfort and safety. I try to have a passenger along to entertain the puppy and keep them comfortable, and sometimes we even make a family trip of it and see some sights along the way.  The cost is always dependent upon current gas, tolls, hotels, etc. as appropriate. We have driven from coast to coast!  Also families that want to drive to a half-way point to cut costs may do so as well.  Delivery to RALEIGH DURHAM AIRPORT (RDU) is $50 to cover our time, fuel charges, airport parking, and toll-road charges as appropriate.

We do not use any transport service, as many "professional ground pet transport" services stick animals cage to cage in the back of a truck or van. As a Registered Veterinary Technician, I have several issues with this:

  1. Even when climate controlled, if the heat or a/c unit fails in the back of a van or box truck, how long will it be before the driver realizes and even then, how soon could it be fixed?
  2. Puppies are in open wire cages next to other puppies. If one puppy in transport has come into contact with a contagious pathogen, it is spread to every puppy on that transport. 
  3. The driver is supposed to feed, water, and exercise each puppy at certain intervals throughout the trip. What is my assurance that they are doing this? Are they correctly monitoring the intake of the puppy to be sure that they are taking in nutrition during a stressful journey? Puppies dehydrate and become hypoglycemic very fast if they do not eat and drink, especially small breeds.

Complete the form below to be considered for the waiting list or to apply for a currently available puppy. You will be contacted via telephone for a short interview and to confirm your request. You will be expected to place your waiting list deposit at that time. Please DO NOT send payment until you have been interviewed and told to do so. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

This application is to be completed only if you have decided to get a puppy from Kack's Poos. If you are not certain, or are wanting additional information, please use the contact us form, email direct to renee@kackspoos.com, or call Renee at 419-283-7230. If you complete this form and are not prepared to proceed with deposit when called for the interview, you will be DENIED!!! In other words - please speak to all other family members that are taking part in the decision making process PRIOR to completing our application process. If you are not prepared to make a deposit upon interview, you will drop to the bottom of our list or denied.

Your application has been received. Please allow us up to one week to respond, although most applications are processed immediately. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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