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Kack's Poos

by Renee M. Kachenmeister, RVT, Owner of Kack's Dog Grooming


Maltepoo Puppies 8-12 lb " miniature" size  
Photos of parents on the Maltepoos page along with health testing info

Please complete the short application form at the bottom of the "policies and fees" page to apply for an available puppy or our waiting list.  A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve an available puppy and is deducted from the total puppy cost of $1850 or $2000.

All puppies receive their 1st vaccine, at least 2 de-wormings, dewclaws removed, and have experienced their first professional grooming prior to going home with their new family. Each puppy comes with a new puppy folder containing a Breeder Examination Health Certificate with all veterinary records, Puppy Contract including spay/neuter agreement, a copy of our FULL 2-YEAR and LIMITED LIFETIME 
GUARANTEES*, Application for Registration with the American Canine Hybrid Club, 3 Generation Certificate of Pedigree, sample bag of the pine pellets we have trained them to associate with potty time, and other helpful puppy information. All puppies are well-socialized with my adult dogs and my two young children from birth. We allow puppies to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age depending on when I feel they are ready to do so based on the individual puppy. They are raised in a warm, loving home environment with lots of attention (ok, they are just plain spoiled rotten!!!). Discounted grooming is offered to all puppies sold locally:) Photos of our fur-babies are always welcomed and appreciated! We offer lifetime support to our puppy families and encourage them to join our other happy Kack's Poos families by staying in touch on Facebook!


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 Please visit the Policies and Fees page to apply for a choice spot on our waiting list for any current or future litters


Angel's Maltepoo litter born 10/14/22

1 female available

Female 1 Red Merle Phantom

Instead of raising puppy cost like some other breeders do, we give you the OPTION to CHOOSE the additional services or packages that you may want for your puppy!

PUPPY BOOT CAMP is available to a limited amount of puppies per litter as space is available, with a limit of 4 puppies at one time from a litter. Puppies that have reached 8 weeks old are able to stay here for more intensive individual crate-training, basic obedience commands "NO", "COME", and "SIT", and additional socialization.

2 weeks boot camp includes 2nd puppy vaccines, 1st heartworm & flea preventative
 - you can expect your puppy to be comfortable in the crate, marker loaded, know commands "no" and "come" consistently. Your puppy may still be having multiple accidents in the crate at this stage, but has a good foundation. Baxter and Bella Online training is encouraged to continue training at home. We provide a code (KP25OFF) for 25% that service. Learn more at www.baxterandbella.com/learn-more  Total cost $400

4 weeks boot camp includes 2nd and 3rd puppy vaccines, 1st & 2nd heartworm and flea preventative, 1st puppy cut grooming, lifetime Baxter & Bella online training.
 - you can expect your puppy to be extremely comfortable in the crate, recognize the marker "yes" consistently, know commands "no", "come", and "sit" consistently. Your puppy should not be having accidents in the crate at this stage, however will need strict supervision outside of the crate and let out at regular intervals to maintain consistency. A few crate accidents are expected the first few days at home just due to the change in environment. Lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella Online Training ($239 value) is INCLUDED with our 4 week boot campers to continue their training at home! Total cost $950

A PUPPY STARTER PACKAGE is available to purchase with your new puppy! This optional package includes a collapsible crate, slip-style leash/collar, food & water dishes, blanket or crate pad, 7 disposable potty pads, and a 12 ounce or larger bottle of an enzymatic cleaner for cleaning potty stains. The cost is $150 and must be paid upon order. Orders must be placed at least 10 days before pickup or delivery of your new puppy.

A GROOMING PACKAGE is available to purchase with your new puppy! This optional package includes a bottle of all natural shampoo, slicker type brush, comb, safety tip grooming scissors, toothbrush & toothpaste set, and nail clippers. The cost is $50 and must be paid upon order. Orders must be placed at least 10 days before pickup or delivery of your new puppy.

A COMFORT PACKAGE is available to purchase with your new puppy! This optional package includes a SNUGGLE PUPPY (heartbeat and warmth stuffed puppy) that has been scented by mom and littermates. This is a great way to provide comfort to your new puppy during travel and adjusting to your home. It also includes the batteries and a reusable microwave heat pad to put inside the snuggle puppy for warmth. Also included is a freezable teething toy to help with your puppy work through the chewing phase. Additionally, you get 2 packets of Canine FortiFlora - a prescription probiotic that you can add to your puppy's food or water that helps prevent tummy upset after the stress of leaving our home and adjusting to yours. The cost is $50 and must be paid upon order. Orders must be placed at least 10 days before pickup or delivery of your new puppy.

MICROCHIPPING WITH LIFETIME REGISTRATION is an option that we highly recommend to each of our puppy families as a way to permanently identify your puppy in case it is ever lost or stolen. If you would like to have your puppy microchipped before it comes home to you, we will have that done for you at our cost of just $50. This INCLUDES lifetime registration of the chip with AKC REUNITE.

PERSONAL DELIVERY OF YOUR PUPPY is an option for those that are unable to travel to our home in Durham, NC to pick up their puppy themselves. The actual cost is always dependent upon current gas, tolls, hotels, flight costs, etc. as appropriate. We care too much about our puppies to ship them alone via common carrier or as cargo. Driving delivery is calculated at .60/mile. Flight delivery is variable based on actual flight cost.

METHODS OF PAYMENT for deposits and optional services include cash, ZELLE (our preferred method), check or money order, Western Union, MoneyGram, MasterCard/Visa, and PayPal. There is a convenience fee of 5% that will be added for PayPal and credit cards to cover their fees they charge for processing the payment. Final payment at time of pickup or delivery must be made by cash or certified checks only - NO PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT. FINAL PAYMENT VIA ZELLE IS NOT GUARANTEED DUE TO BANK IMPOSED LIMITS!!!
For Deposits/Optional Services -  make checks payable to:
Renee Kachenmeister

NEW ADDRESS EFFECTIVE MAY 2020 - Please do NOT send to the Toledo, OH address after 5/20/20 as we have moved to NC!


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