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Kack's Poos

by Renee M. Kachenmeister, RVT, Owner of Kack's Dog Grooming

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Please note that we have moved!!! Effective May 2020 we are now located in Durham, NC! We will always be OHIO STATE BUCKEYES at heart but enjoying the much nicer weather and educational opportunities on our new beautiful property in NORTH CAROLINA! 

There are MANY factors to consider when purchasing a new puppy for your family. All puppies are adorable but not all are created equal. There are many factors to consider, starting with the breed itself. Have you researched the expected size, temperament, trainability, and grooming requirements of the breed you are looking at? Are you prepared to take the time out of your day to take your puppy outside to potty every few hours for the first few months while they are learning? Are you financially ready for the higher veterinary cost during the first year of life as your puppy gets properly vaccinated, examined, and finally spayed or neutered? Have you done research to be certain you have found a reputable and ethical breeder so that you are getting the healthiest possible puppy and lifetime support from a knowledgable source? Before you take on the responsibilty of a new puppy, you should be able to answer YES to all of the questions above! If you are looking for a Maltepoo (also spelled Maltipoo) or Poodle, you have come to the right place!

My name is Renee M. Kachenmeister, RVT and I am the owner of Kack's Poos and Kack's Dog Grooming along with my two teenage sons Jonathon & Daniel who get more knowledgeable everyday!  Along with being a Registered Veterinary Technician and owner of the local dog grooming salon, I also have many years of extensive experience in animal rescue, training, and of course breeding the highest quality puppies. I hold certificates in Pet Psychology, Canine Nutrition, Evolution and Genetics, Pet CPR and First Aid, and Animal Reiki for Practitioners. In fact, if you come to my home to pick up your puppy, you will get to see my "Wall of Knowledge" displaying all of my degrees, licenses, and certificates. My puppies can be found across the country in almost every state. Prior to beginning my Poodle & Maltepoo programs, I worked with Saint Bernards for many many years and later went on to breed Aussiepoos. In fact, if you search Kack's Saints or Kack's Poos, you will find me easily. I have always maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Dogs are most certainly my life and I promise to help you every step of the way with your new fur-baby! My additional hobbies include being an avid herper as well, and I love to show off our extensive collection of snakes, reptiles, and rats. 

I take part in only the most honorable breeding practices and carefully screen for genetic faults and select the very best dogs that are exceptional of their particular breed  for my breeding programs. Most are from lines that have excelled in the ring, although we do not show ourselves as we disagree with certain breed standards and politics. Visit my home and grooming salon and you will find that our dogs are first and foremost our beloved family pets! They run our house and our lives! You can be assured that any puppy from Kack’s Poos will be a healthy and happy companion and that is guaranteed. I do not EVER just put two dogs together without a specific plan and purpose for that breeding. I consider size, temperament, intelligence, appearance, and other genetic characteristics before attempting any breeding. Typically, a breeding will not take place until a waiting list is established for a specific litter to ensure there are no unwanted pups being produced. 

From our family to yours - Welcome! Please click on the links to navigate the website and learn if one of our puppies are right for you. Be sure to click on "more" to get to additional pages that are available. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us using the link at the top of the page, by direct email at renee@kackspoos.com, or by telephone at (419) 283-7230. 

Vixen with my son... both trying to look innocent... Don't be fooled!!!

One of our Maltepoo moms, Sophie, with our Maltese stud, Wizard.

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